RS485 Operator Example

  • Hello,

    I'd like to exchange data with a trigger system (imaworx framegrabber) and am looking into the different possibilities. I came across the RS485 operator.

    Is there an example for the RS485 Operator?

    Are there some other possibilities to read in data using the GPIO Ports?


  • Dear DXS,

    I have seen the RS485 Operator within the documentation , but I have no real example for it. I just did some succesfull testing on this operator some years ago and it was working as expected having 3 states.
    (…are%20Platform.RS485.html )

    But there are also some other ways of serial communication possible.
    RS232 for example can be done with the naticv GPO and GPI's operators and it only requires a voltage level adoption from TTL to RS232 configuration.

    I will ask within R&D if there is some more documentation on the RS485 operator.
    Thank you.

    Best regards,