What is the VisualApplets Forum?

The forum is an extension to the application services and support of Silicon Software, and a free service for all VisualApplets customers and prospects.

The diversity of VisualApplets programming tools allows implementing countless applications. With fourteen years of experience in VisualApplets and with the new Release Version 3.2, we today have a tool that offers an immense variety of implementation scenarios in FGPA-based image and signal processing. It has never been that easy to program FPGAs for image processing, and VisualApplets is the leading technology in this field to simplify and accelerate this process.

The VisualApplets community is spread all over the globe and many application areas have been implemented. We want to bundle the knowledge of VisualApplets users and experts, and make it accessible for everyone. In the new VisualApplets online community forum, every customer can find the ideal solution for his application. Questions can be discussed and solved within the community. The experts from Silicon Software will contribute actively, and will constantly extend the knowledge base in the forum.

Aims of the new forum:

  • Finding and offering solutions
  • Knowledge database and knowledge transfer
  • Discussing solutions for applications with users and Silicon Software experts
  • Large database with VA examples for applications, operators and design snippets for solving everyday problems

Your benefits:

  • Get assistance: post questions, ideas and solutions to the community
  • Get knowledge: extend your VisualApplets knowledge by getting information about new algorithms
  • Get business: discuss with other users about VisualApplets opportunities

Forum features:

  • Creation of customer profiles (username, profile picture, signature) for you as customer/distributor and your customers
  • Creation of forum threads
  • Open discussions by answering to existing threads
  • Advanced search function for applications and operators
  • Subscribe to new posts via RSS, browser message or e-mail
  • Fast and worldwide access
  • Optimized for desktop PCs and mobile devices
  • Forum language = English

Use the opportunity and become a part of the VisualApplets online community - register today. HOW TO REGISTER