Acquisition from a CoaxPress Camera using Python

  • Hi,

    I'm still struggling getting our CoaxPress Camera to work using the Python SDK wrapper.

    I'm starting from the example, where I added the Code to connect the Coaxpress Camera and set the resolution to 1280x800 (native resolution of our camera).

    The applet used is "Acq_SingleCXP12Area".

    There I'm getting the following (strange?) behaviour:
    When leaving the setting for useCameraSimulator on "True", I get an Image with the generated pattern and - in the right area of the image - a scrolling image of the actual camera image (see screenshot attached). However, when switching useCameraSimulator to "False", I do not get any image content at all (just a black window; the callback function is not called any more)?!

    Do you have any hints to make the script working correctly?


  • Hello DXS,

    I looked through the py code and I do see only one potential irritation (CXP Portmask & Speed).

    FG/DMA Setup is ok.

    Simulator works.

    Camera/SGC Setup is fine.

    From my point of view I would guess that the camera is expecting a trigger or similar, but does not receive one: so no image is getting produced. Since the Camera-Simulator is not updated concerning its resolution, you can observe "old" memory content from within the frame-grabber memory on the right. That is "old" data, it is not an actual live-image of the camera.

    You double-check the error-codes returned from most functions, but is an error reported by one of the Sgc_* functions during runtime?

    Please check if portmask fits to portMask = 0b1111 or is as expected/required:

    portMask = s.PORTMASK0

    Please set speed to speed=s.CXP_SPEED_12500


    Speed is currently None, maybe the automatic approach detects the wrong speed in that case or the camera does not support it...

    Best regards,