synchronize two asynchronous signals

  • Hello,

    Its main purpose is to synchronize two asynchronous signals and output them as one signal.

    Used as a line trigger signal.

    This function has been implemented internally and tested but need to check accurate verification on the customer machine.

    If you have any advice on this implementation, please let me know.

    ex) Is it possible to implement the function?

    if possible, which operator is suitable, etc.


    Best regards.

  • Hello,

    In case two asynchronous signals need to get synchronous to each other, those require exactly the same mean frequency, so that no single pulse gets lost.
    In case the frequency is identically and there is no drift causing a phase jump, you could use the RsFlipFlop...
    That would be the most simple approach.

    Normally you will see a different situation, especially when the external signal changes its frequency or there is some "distortion" on the signal.

    Then more complex approaches come into place:

    One starting point could become the SignalToPeriod Operator:

    Measure both periods, find the max/min/mean using filters (PixelNeighbour/Kernel) and then go for Signal.PeriodToSignal...

    For the measurement itself you can use rising or falling edge.
    Similar for a Phase A/B encoder you want to need to sync to a certain generator.

    Please mention some more details and we can focus on a more suitable approach...

    Best regards,