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    This has nothing to do with Visual Applets issues.

    I have a question about APC callback of SDK.

    Q1. When FG_APC_HIGH_PRIORITY is set, does it always have priority over user-created threads(Multi threads)?

    The user thread does not set priority.

    Q2. A callback function is registered and used only once.

    In an environment where users repeatedly start and stop Grab, will the APC priority still be HIGH_PRIORITY maintained?


    Best regards.

    Sangrae Kim.


    I have a question about tap geometry.

    Target H/W : microEnable 5 VCL

    Camera Link : Medium 80MHz

    Digital Output : 14bit

    Image Size : 3072 x 1944

    I think that the correct tap geometry is 2XM-1Y.

    Camera -> ? -> tap geometry(2XM-1Y) - >DMA

    1. Camera operator : Full or Medium

    2. ? : input bit to 14bit change (because the Medium camera operator does not support 2tap 14bit)

    Can I get support for this case ?



    Hello Johannes,

    Thank you for your quick update.

    I will check again with your advice.

    There is only one thing below, but I tested it first.

    In simulation,

    We can not load the image file from coefficientBuffer like as below.


    d00.tif = The image size is 1552 x 3088. (0,2,4,6,8 ...... pixels)

    d01.tif = The image size is 1552 x 3088. (1,3,5,7,9 ...... pixels)

    w00.tif = The image size is 1552 x 3088. (0,2,4,6,8 ...... pixels)

    w01.tif = The image size is 1552 x 3088. (1,3,5,7,9 ...... pixels)

    First of all, I tried changing Coefficientbuffer the way you method.

    but, the image file cannot be loaded in the simulation.



    Best regards.


    We ask for advice on how to speed up in the conditions listed below.

    Target H/W = microEnable 5 VCL

    Target FPS = 30fps

    Image Size = 3104 x 3088

    Image bit depth = 16bit

    I am getting a buffer overflow in my design. (Maybe I got up to 20~23fps without buffer overflow in my design)

    Can I get any advice on using coefficientBuffer(multiple out) to prevent overflow?

    Sorry , I can not upload the design file (some reasons).

    So I uploaded a some design sketch.

    If we don't use Coefficientbuffer 1 & 2, we can get 30 fps.

    Coefficientbuffer = each link 16bit-P4 , Image Width & Height (776 x 3088)




    Best regards.

    Sangre Kim.


    Its main purpose is to synchronize two asynchronous signals and output them as one signal.

    Used as a line trigger signal.

    This function has been implemented internally and tested but need to check accurate verification on the customer machine.

    If you have any advice on this implementation, please let me know.

    ex) Is it possible to implement the function?

    if possible, which operator is suitable, etc.


    Best regards.


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    I am testing ELIIXA+ 8k Line scan camera on me5 VCL.

    This camera need to tap sorting for 8X(8tap) and 10X(10tap).

    (8tap) 8X-> width = 8192

    (10tap) 10X-> width = 8190

    The 8X mode can tap sorting with basic example (

    but 10X mode can not tap sorting with basic example (

    The default image size(width 1040) is ok .

    but the other image size(8192) was problem.

    So I tested it by reducing the width to 8160 to test without dummy pixels in the Resort Box (ToPar80).
    If the ShiftRight(10) -> the output image have a some problem.

    If the other operator use instead of ShiftRight -> the output image is ok. (attached

    I am not sure that this is right or not.


    I attached raw image and Result image and files

    the raw & result image made by with Acq_SingleFullLineGray.

    For the information.

    The max width is 8190 in 10tap.

    The microDisplay can get 8192 pixels after 10X tapsorting(10x_Result_8192.bmp)

    the last 2 columns are dummy pixels.

    I can not get result image with 8192 pixels in our design file.


    please advise to me.


    Dear Simon,

    For the information.

    We got similar results with your help.

    I simulated it with an image file on Visual Applets.

    The FFT results from Visual Applet were able to achieve results similar to FFT images processed on PC.

    Thank for your help.

    Best regards.


    Dear Björn Rudde,

    Thank you for your update.

    I understand what you said but I am not fully understand how to use the FFT operator in Visual Applets.

    For example, in a VA simulation I want to implement a function that transforms the frequency space via FFT (Foward) and then removes some moire patterns, and then returns it to the image space via FFT (Inverse) like attached image.

    I am not sure if this can be done on the Visual Applets side.




    We received an inquiry from a customer.

    This inquiry is related to FFT on FPGA.

    Visual applets have FFT functionality, but there are no cases where we have applied FFT applications on our side.

    It is difficult to give a solution guidance to the customer.

    If you have an advice, please let me know.

    Camera : 18k Line scan camera (Full configuration 8tap8bit)

    Interface : Camera Link

    LineRate : 40KHz /sec

    BandWidth : 400MB/sec

    Is it processed in real time with Full bandwidth in Visual Applets?

    -. Raw image ->FFT(forward)->remove high frequency-> Inverse FFT result image(DMA)

    For the information.

    We have sample images(Raw image and FFT result image)

    FFT result image is after Inverse transformation (remove high frequency)

    The Images are confidential.

    So I can not upload images here .But If you need to images for check, we can send it by email.

    About FFT parameter.

    E5 ironman:

    Points (image width): {8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192}

    By using parameters, the operator can be configured to the number of points i.e. line width. The line width has to match with the number of pixel at the input.

    Does that mean that it only support up to 8k camera?


    Best regards.


    We need to Acquistion Applets files ( Acq_SingleCXP6x4AreaGray.dll).

    The target board is VQ8-CXP6D.

    OS is Windows 10 32bit. (We can not found the Acq_SingleCXP6x4AreaGray.dll file in runtimeSDK 5.7.0)

    Just 64bit runtime SDK have this file.

    Camera : CP70-1-M-1000 (CXP6x4 channel, 12bit, 1280x 1024)

    Input : 12bit

    Can I get Acq_SingleCXP6x4AreaGray.dll for 32bit ?



    I am interested in image up scaling.

    An example of the x direction has been confirmed.(Scaling a Line Scan Image)

    but I need to both direction (X&Y) image up scaling for promotion to customer .

    i,e ) Camera : Camera Link Full(8tap)2K x 2k

    Output Image: 4k x 4k

    Could you support basic example for both direction image up scaling ?