Quad what? (or selecting the correct camera operator for CXP..)

  • Hi there,

    if I load a standard "Quad Applet" in microDisplay like "Acq_QuadCXP6x1..." I will get a configuration with four cameras (1 link each). It took ages for me to learn that Quad means the amount of cameras and x1 stand for the amount of lanes.

    However, if I use the CXPQuadCamera operator in VA I will get a configuration with one camera (four links). :P

    This is really really really confusing and I think I might have planned my current project with the wrong camera operator. In this case it will not effect the parallelism I hope but it might, correct? What is the logic behind this? Is this some kind of free of charge brain jogging? ?(

    You are correct if your answer is RTFM ( ;) ) but as I said, I thought I knew what I was doing ^^.


  • Dear Theo,

    Thank you for this hint.

    I forwarded your input to the product and development management already.

    As far as I know is the naming of the runtime/SDK CXP Acq_QuadCXPx1* acquisition applets working with four single link cameras versus the VisualApplets operator with the name CXPQuadCamera sourced by two independent naming conventions.

    Both are using Quad, but the runtime applet name is supporting 4 cameras, while the VisualApplets (VA) operator is intended for 4 CXP links representing a single camera.

    Do you have a better naming for these CXP*Camera operators?

    Maybe: CXP6x1Camera, CXP6x2Camera, CXP6x4Camera


    ...effect the parallelism I hope but it might, correct?

    The different VA CXP camera operators support parallelisms above the minimal one on its output node, which is based on maximum interface bandwidth and format mode setting (dynamic/static is affecting this). The paralleism in combination with the system clock defines the maximum bandwidth of a single link. When you selected the CXPQuadCamera operator you will have a default or parallelism 32. In case you require for your project CXPSingleCamera is will be 8.

    The current version of our CXPQuadCamera operator supports CXP x1 x2 x4 link configurations during runtime, and as words of solace I can tell you: The single(x1) or dual(x2) link CXP camera will work with the CXPQuadCamera (CXPx4) VA operator... 8o

    One more hint on something related to that:

    The minimal paralleism of the camera operator will always be used inside it and may affect the image resolution of the image going into your link with an optinally different paralleism.

    As an example for this:

    Camera delivers 1024 x 1024 pixels in a CXP6-4 configuration into the CXPQuadOperator.

    The operator is having a minimal paralleism of 20 and default of 32.

    So the image will get internally the line length of 1040 pixels. Then at the output it becomes a paralleism of 32 and this acts exactly like ParallelUP operator. So you get a line length of 1056 pixels into the link.

    Setting the maximum image width to the correct value is mandatory in this case.

    You can simply use ImageStatistics operator directly behind the camera operator to investigate this.

    After that a ImageBuffer will help selecting the real region of interest of the image.

    The paralleism is not affecting the image height directly.

    Ok, I am now completely of topic ... :huh:

  • Dear Björn,

    thanks for the answer and the nice read =). I think your suggestion would be the right one as it is corresponding to the standard applets.

    CXP6x1Camera, CXP6x2Camera, CXP6x4Camera

    But to be honest I think this issue will never bother me again as I have learned my lesson. If you change the naming convention this would only be for all the poor guys which did not have this opportunity yet =)