Encoder Pulse in image

  • Dear all, one of our customer want to use a lnescan GigE camera driven by an external trigger.

    The same external trigger is input in Me4 GigE board.

    He want to write in the first two byte of every line the counter of line trigger.

    this is a sort of timestamp inside the image

    i try with annex Va example but in thi case inside the sequence i do not have the correct sequence. i have someting like 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 6, 7, 8, 8, 10...

    where i'm wrong?

    best regards


  • Since this is a GigE Vision (GEV) camera the data transfer into the grabber can not be exactly synchronous to the real increments of the encoder. In GEV the pixel/line/image data is split into several packets and transferred asynchronously to the sensor exposure.

  • dear Bjorn,

    first of all many thanks, this means that solution i propose you is the "right one" and what i see is the limit of GigE interface that does not have real determinism. Am i right?

    many thansk


  • Dear Pier,

    As far as I understand your request it is very likely that the mismatch of the stamps in between of the line-trigger-counter and the real line-sensor-data is caused by the latency/delay of the GEV transfer.

    In order to double check you can connect the line-trigger to the grabber and measure the mismatch in between the triggers and the GEV data being received.

    Best regards,