SDK. Access to Min / Max Values and additional attribues

  • Hello,

    we are using the SDK sucessfully, but are missing some informations in order to achieve the full functionality like using MicroDisplay.

    For example to read the Min / Max values for a parameter to be changed, we would like to use the function
    Fg_getParameterProperty(). From the header files we assume that we can read out the IDs for there values (i.e PROP_ID_MIN_ID gives back a hex coded string with 6 digits which might be the ID to read the Min value in advance). Unfortunately the subequent read of the value to that ID does not result in the expected value and the string is not null-terminated after the '0x123456' character.
    Is there an additional information about that we missed?
    Also it would be helpful to get access to additional parameters like R/W access attributes and comments to parameters like MicroDisplay shows up.

    Thanks, Holger

  • Hello Holger,

    Did you check the SDK example in "%sisodir5%\SDKExamplesNew\examples\fglib\Parametrization\FgParameterIteration\FgParameterIterationExample.cpp" ?

    Maybe you'll find your answer there.


    Johannes Trein
    Group Leader R&D
    frame grabber

    Basler AG

  • Hello Johannes.

    Thanks for that hint, i did include an older fgrab_prototyp.h file from a recend project. That only had the PROP_ID_MIN_ID etc. but not the PROP_ID_MIN and so on.


  • If you have a look into the example source for the parameter iteration you can find the code below concerning the range details like Min,Max,Step for the value you would like to change.

    Please use our most current runtime version and the corresponding include files.

    Mixing different versions may lead to unwanted side-effects that potentially make debugging a pain.

  • As mentioned in our runtime help on Fg_getParameterProperty ...

    The required virtual parameter IDs are defined for RT 5.7.0 release as see below: