Using BufferSC on Shared Memory

  • Hi there,

    I am currently transferring an Applet from mE IV VD4 to Marathon VCL. The old applet supported a Mono8 Image and the user could select between "Smode_Unchanged" and "Smode_Tap2_0". As the BufferSC supports max. a parrallellism of 4 we had to increase the bitwidth to 16 in order to achieve the best performance. However, as the Marathon VCL does use shared memory and I am not allowed to increase the parrallellism I am not sure how to proceed.

    What is the best procedure to optimize performance of the BufferSC for the Marathon VCL? I already tried to increase the Bitwidth to 32 which seemed to help but is this the right way?

    Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Theo,

    The shared memory concept provides a lot of benefits, but handling the higher paralleism is producing some unwanted side effects.

    I would recommend to use FrameBufferRandomRead and pre-sort the parallelism data in advance in order to replace the ImageBufferSC.

    You can also use a LineMemoryRandomRead is case it is only affecting the sorting of single lines.

    You can hide the higher paralleism in the the bit-depth for the ImageBufferSC too, but that become kind of static.

    Since you want to handle only two different modes I would recommend the following:

  • Goede Dag Björn,

    tested it today. Works perfect for me as it seems.

    Thank you very much. Are you planning to change the BufferSC for newer FPGA generations in the future?

    kind regards,


    Ps.: Johannes, I just saw that you also replied. Actually I have to admit that I oversaw those examples completely. Probably because I was fixated on solving this challenge using the BufferSC.