Insufficient board memory, how to call computer memory?

  • Hi,

    I have faced a problem of insufficient board memory.

    The amount of data that the design needs to process at the same time is too large. I am wondering if it's possible to utilize computer memory for data storage.

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  • Hi HeZhi,

    Can you give some more details about your setup? E.g. what Framegrabber are you using and how much data you need to process.

    Is the data already available *before* the acquisition ? E.g. some data for a flat field correction, or is it data coming directly from the camera? If you need to store large amount of data that is available before the acqusition please use DRAM Operators such as RAMLuts or CoefficientBuffers. If you need to buffer data please use ImageBuffers/FrameBufferRandomRead or something simililar.

    If this does not help, you can try to lower the framerate on the camera or on the framegrabber by using an ImageValve.

    Furthermore, if you are able to it would help to tell us more about your application - or even share the design here (if it is okay for you). Then we can check if we are able to see a solution that won't require PC memory.

    Lastly, to answer your question directly: Currently you can write data from the framegrabber to the pc memory via DMA, which is the typical use case. However, accessing the PC Memory from the frame grabber is not supported on newer plattforms and has a really low bandwidth. If this is the only solution for your project please contact our sales contact with a custom project.

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