Saving all results from a Simulation Probe Viewer over all Processing Cycles

  • Hello,

    I have a design that needs to be tested with various input images. I found out that I can load various amount of images in a Simulation Source and then have the resutls per image when increasing the processing cycles in the Simulation.

    Now I want to save all images that were produces during the Simulation for further testing, however I could not find such functionality. Is it possible to achieve this without using some kind of tcl scripting?

    Thank you for your help

  • I was able to find a solution, - maybe someone else will have the same problem and the solution is quite simple:

    By clicking one image and then strg+a for marking them all they will get all selected. Saving them with Strg+s will save them in one spot and add and a suffix with their id to it.

  • Here in a screenshot sequence...

    1) Design with connected Probe "Sequence" of interest:


    2) Go to Simulation dialog, enter required amount of N processing cycles and press start to proceed:


    3) Close simulation dialog and switch into the probe-ciew by double-click onto it:


    4) Click onto an image within the "Sequence Viewer" at the bottom and press Ctrl+A:


    5) Press right mouse button within "Sequence Viewer" and select "Save" to Save all images...

    The selected name will get a counting image number N extention in format "filename%5d", N.

    Best regards,