C++ SDK Read images and apply applet

  • Hello,

    I read in multiple images files with functions from sisoIo.h. How can I apply on these images (type SisoIoImageEngine) my applet .hap file and save the output as image file again. I am working with the C++ SDK. An inconvenient way is to change the CoefficientFile Parameter for every filename and resetting LoadCoefficients.

    Can someone provide me with a small working example?



  • Dear Chroistoph,

    Uploading the images and writing the images to disc by C++ functions is the standard way of doing this.

    You can use the CoefficientBuffer for this , as you already do, or use the ImageInjetor from the Debugging library.

    I hope the above code snippets are ok...

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  • Dear Christoph,

    Some additional details on return code check:

    Related function in context:

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  • Hello Christoph,

    another option to the one Björn mentioned: Operator RamLUT can be used instead of CoefficientBuffer with simple address generation. It has an index, value register interface. However, file access is much faster.

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