Parameter Operators | Color Highlighting

  • Hi,

    this is more a hint than a question. When using a Translator Operator the data e.g. in "Write Action" is highlighted with Colors to make reading more easy. If I open your example "SetBrightness" will look like this:


    If I add a Process1 to this example, copy SetBrightness into Process1 and alter it to make it running again this behavior changes to:


    I did not find a solution for that until now and also I did not really Need it yet.

    Do you think this could be improved in a future VA-Version? Or do you have a Workaround for me?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Theo,

    Thank you for this feedback.

    In case of absolute pathes like "ProcessN/..." or relative ones including "../" the code highlighting is working as you describe.

    For now (VA I do not know a direct solution, but will forward this detail to my colleagues in the development.

    A workaround would be a related local Parameter-Reference that does the relative job for each relative path. That would at least make the code highlighting working again as a support.

  • Hi Björn,

    thanks for your answer.

    Actually absolute Paths like "Process0/.." does not work at all in my installation (

    Regarding my example:

    ${Process0/Brightness/ScaleFactor.Value} = ${this.Value} * (${Process0/Brightness/ScaleFactor.Value.To} + 1) / 2


    ${Device1/Process0/Brightness/ScaleFactor.Value} = ${this.Value} * (${Device1/Process0/Brightness/ScaleFactor.Value.To} + 1) / 2

    Will lead to an error like: "WriteAction: ERROR: Unknown Parameter (Process0/Brigthness/ScaleFactor…"

    Until know I only could get it working with relative paths.

    Thanks for the Workaround. I will come back to that if I have to =D

    Stay safe,


  • Hi Theo,

    Please use the following syntax for absolute path in Parameter-Translation:


    That will help you for absolute path usage in the write/read/range parts, but in general an absolute path is not fully supported.