VisualApplets Release 3.3

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    Dear Silicon Software customer,

    Dear Silicon Software partner,

    The new VisualApplets release VA 3.2 is now available.

    VisualApplets 3.2 contains a lot of new features. The most significant ones are the following:

    The Compression Library has been updated with a new JPEG Compression Operator. The operator performs a JPEG compression of grayscale 8-bit images, includes header generation, and is scalable to any bandwidth. For JPEG compression of color images, a new user library JPEG_Color is implemented. The compression operator and library are suited for a wide variety of image processing applications, such as process monitoring, railway inspection, and image archiving or motion control, especially for medical image processing applications. The new compression Operator and user library JPEG_Color are available for microEnable 5 marathon and ironman frame grabbers.

    For an efficient and reliable development process, VisualApplets 3.2 offers a new simulation engine and information on the maximal data throughput rate for each link: The new, much more powerful simulation engine gives a very realistic depiction of the data flow. Directly after designing the image processing, you can test and verify your algorithm. For monitoring and calculating the bandwidth on links during design time, the design window optionally displays the maximal data throughput rate of each link.

    With the new Script Collection pane, it will be much easier for Tcl users (Expert feature) to manage, parametrize, and execute their Tcl scripts. Additionally, four new build-flow commands are implemented.

    Good news also for Embedded VisualApplets (eVA) users: eVA platforms with Ultrascale or Ultrascale+ FPGAs are now supported as well.

    Beside these exciting new features, VA 3.2. comes with a lot of other new features and improvements. For detailed information, please check the Release Notes in our online documentation.

    Get the download link using the update tool in VisualApplets or contact your vendor.

    Enjoy the new possibilities!

    Johannes Trein
    Group Leader R&D
    frame grabber

    Basler AG

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