Function of ImageBufferMultiROI operator

  • Dear Support,

    We made an applet with ImageBufferMultiROI operator for line scan camera. For example, Image size to be captured is 1000 x 1000 pixels. Through multi ROI, we would like to get just 2 ROIs, 1st 100 lines (y offset 0) and from center 100 lines (y offset 500). As per functionality of ImageBufferMultiROI in freerun mode, it should send the 1st ROI out as soon as it receives the 100th line and the 2nd ROI should be sent as soon as it receives the 600th line. But what we are noticing is, the 2 ROI as are sent out like burst after the buffer receives 1000th line only. Is this correct? Could some one help?

    Thanks ,