​Operator FFT is used to process the image in frequency domain.

  • Hardware: mE5 marathon VCL.

    When we use the operator FFT to process an image in the frequency domain,Input of FFT operator two branches of an image or something else? What is the meaning of the information in the output graph of operator FFT Forward and Inverse ?

    (PS:Original and bandpass images greater than 1M cannot be uploaded)

  • Dear Zhuomuke,

    thank you for your question. The meaning "Foward" as value of Parameter "Transformation Mode" of the operator "FFT" means transformation to frequency space. With value "Inverse" the FFT operator transforms the frequency space to "normal"image space. The functionality of FFT operator in this mode corresponds to Inverse Fast Fourier Transform. To transform an image with no imaginary part to frequency space set the lower (imaginary ) input node of operator "FFT" to constant value "Zero". In your VisualApplets installation directory under Examples/processing/Advanced/FastFourierTransform you can find an example implementation.