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    Thank you for your help, Rudde

    It helps me a lot.

    Now,I have a new problem of the memory management.

    I'm trying to write a grayscale image matching algorithm SAD(Sum of Absolute Differences)


    searched image template

    SAD algorithm


    S is the searched image ,T is the template image.

    The algorithm need a loop to search the template in the searched image. The smallest D(i,j) is the best match. And my strategy is to split the searched image to many roi, then do SAD. To find the roi which is close to the template image.

    There is my

    It coulde work well if I do not add it with MotionDetect va of my camera.

    My board is micrioEnable 5 VQ8-CXP6D.It just has 4RAM module. And my camare is 4CXP, it need 32 parallism and more buffer module.

    My program was inefficient and consumed too much memory,even the Visual Applets could not map it.

    This problem has been bothering me for a long time. I have no idea to solve it.

    I really need your help.

    Can help me analyze, and give me some ideas to solve


    I have a timeout problem on micrioEnable 5 VQ8-CXP6D.

    When I was build difference image example in VA) to hap,and test in microDisplay.exe , the timeout occur. but the simulation was successful.

    This is my simulation:

    the first frame simulation


    the second frame simulation


    I guess the first frame was removed, DmaToPC has no data output. So in microDislpaly the Timeout occur.

    The guess is right ?

    Why it result int timeout?

    How to solve this problem?

    Dear CarmenZ:

    Thank you for your reply.

    As shown in the attached drawing.There are two defects in the OriginImage, and the coordinate is (779, 237) (884, 123).The processing in Halcon and the result is shown in dstimage.If we want use the operator FFT to process an image in the frequency domain.How do we implement it?


    • OriginImage.bmp

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    • Halcon.png

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    • dstimage.png

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    Hardware: mE5 marathon VCL.

    When we use the operator FFT to process an image in the frequency domain,Input of FFT operator two branches of an image or something else? What is the meaning of the information in the output graph of operator FFT Forward and Inverse ?

    (PS:Original and bandpass images greater than 1M cannot be uploaded)