"reset" image stream with appendImage

  • Hello,

    I have an applet design that is using "append image".

    Is it possible from the SiSo SDK to send a command to the frame grabber, or to the applet, to "reset and clear" all the buffers and specifically the "append image" operator, so that it restarts from the beginning of the concatenation ?

  • Pierre Chatelier

    Changed the title of the thread from “"reset" image stream” to “"reset" image stream with appendImage”.
  • Hi Pierre,

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    In VisualApplets an acquisition process is reset and restart when starting the acquisition or stopping the acquisition.

    A process without a DMA channel will be started immediately when the applet is initialized.

    Unfortunately the AppendImage operator has no reset parameter or clear input. So the only way to reset its concatenation is by restarting the process i.e. restarting the acquisition.

    It might be possible to rebuild the function using operator SignalGate. But this needs exact verification in hardware and as signals are used cannot be simulated in VisualApplets. The timing is crucial. I made a short sketch to show the idea. I am not very sure this will work but I am confident there can be a workaround.


    We have another thread where the reset of processes is discussed. See: Reseting operators, image buffer and signals


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