TCL Command to obtain the file path of the (built) hap file

  • Hi@all,

    I created myself a build script for build automation of VA Applets.

    Is there a possible way to obtain the path of the built hap or the designated path where the hap would be stored after a successful build?

    Thanks and best regards,


  • Hi Simon,

    Sadly this is not possible to do with a TCL command. However, here are two workarounds that may work:

    You can read out the TargetPath Variable from the VisualApplets.ini, depending on how you installed VisualApplets you may find the VisualApplets.ini under C:\ProgramData\Basler\VisualApplets\<VERSION> or under your Installationfolder. Under this path several subfolders for each plattform are created where then the .hap files are stored with its name from the .va file.

    Another approach relies on setting a different variable like the UserLibDir variable to the same location as the target path under your System settings.

    Then you could use the following syntax to obtain files:

    set designHapPath [GetAbsolutePath "%UserLibDir%/../Designs/<PlatformName>/<DesignName>.hap"]

    I hope this may help to solve your problems.

    Alternativaley, you may contact me via E-Mail, if you are interested we can look if it would be easier to solve your task with the help of PyWizion.

    Best Regards,