Reseting operators, image buffer and signals

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    How is it possible to reset my complete applet without reloading the board? E.g. deleting image data, reseting counters, etc.

    I know that processes with an acquisition can be reseted by stopping and restarting the acquisition itself. This of course does not work with processes without an acquisition part (e.g. processes which are only ment for signals). The only other way I can think to solve this is step by step, reseting each operator by it's own reset input if available and think of an algorithm to reset the image data.

    Is there a possibility which I did not think about?



  • Hi Theo

    welcome to the forum and thank you for the question. You are right, a process without a DMA channel will be started immediately after loading the applet (Fg_Init function) and canot be reset or restart. For processes including one or more DMA channels you can stop and start the acquisition (Fg_StopAcquire(Ex) and Fg_StartAcquire(Ex)) or the "Play" and "Stop" Button in microDisplay. See doc Processes without DMAs / Trigger Processes

    I can only immagine two solutions:

    1st: Add a dummy DMA operator to the process. It does not need to transfer any data if you keep the timeout long enough. However in this solution you "waste" FPGA ressources for this extra DMA.

    2nd: You did mention the second solution already: Add reset signals to the inputs of the signal operators. You can conveniently do this by adding a TxSignalLink operators before each of the reset inputs. However, this solution is only for signal operators and won't work for operators in the 0D, 1D or 2D domain.

    In addition you can wait until the pipeline got empty or transfer signals between processes using TxSignalLink and RxSignalLink.

    So far we did not have this request before but I will generate a feature request so that it can be analyzed by our PM.


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