microDiagnostics error with microEnable IV mE4VD4-CL with PCO applet / linux

  • Hello,

    I'm using a microEnable IV mE4VD4-CL under Debian 8.

    I'm using a PCO applet for PCO Edge in global shutter mode

    /opt/SiliconSoftware/Runtime5.5.1/Hardware Applets/mE4VD4-CL/PCO_scmos_gl_linux64.hap

    When I run microDiagnostic with this applet, I get errors in DMA 1 & 2 and RAM 1 & 2

    If I retry the test in DMA 1 & 2 they are OK.

    But for RAM 1 & 2 always fail.

    If I delete the PCO applet, microDiagnotic runs all the tests without errors (see picture)microdiagnostic-error.png

    I would appreciate very much your comments

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello rh00667,

    Since this is a forum for VisualApplets, as a development environment for FPGA based image-processing, your question is a bit off topic. But we want to help and the best source for additional hints will be out support team since it is a runtime related question. Thank you.

    Best regards,