Using a PCO.edge 5.5 Camera in 12(16) Bit Rolling Shutter Mode

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    PCO edge cameras can be used in a 12(16) Bit rolling shutter mode. To use the camera in this mode a special applet is required to unpack the bits as a 12 Bit Camera Link format was not supported at that time, sort the two sensor areas and do a 12 to 16 Bit unpacking.

    To use the camera with a V-Series frame grabber you need to:

    - use the attached VA design example

    - use the Silicon Software runtime API as the V-Series grabber will not be supported in the PCO CamWare

    - use the PCO SDK for serial communication with the camera. This is mandatory as the camera needs to be parameterized and started for every usage.

    The VA design files does the following. Processing is done according to the documentation of PCO.

    As in Camera Link, no 12 Bit format is defined, the apple unpacks 2 pixel out of 3 byte according to the information and format definition from PCO. To unpack the data we need to follow the following scheme:


    The sensor is read in two vertical aligned zones. Next, we have to resort the lines from both zones. The applets follows ‘Mode A: Top-Center/Bottom-Center’.


    The 12 Bit values contain 16 Bit packed values compressed by the following scheme.


    To unpack, we simply need to do the reverse operation:


    PCO edge 5.5 in 12 bit rolling shutter


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