Image data output signal period

  • I want the following functions , please help.

    Image data input: 8K ,black and white ,line camera.

    Signal input: front GPIO

    To realize the function:

    1: One frame is generated for every 1000 lines of images.

    2: The front GPIO input signal is a periodic signal, and the frequency changes between 1k-100k. The period of the periodic signal needs to be detected. The period value of the signal is filled in the first 8 bytes of the first line of each frame image.

  • Dear pangfengjiang,

    please fin attached a design idea.

    1. You may use the function of operator TrgBoxLine to generate a frame for a line scan camera. (see also the examples for Triggering in the visualapplets example library under "Examples/Processing/Trigger" in your VisualApplets installation directory.)

    2. Please see attached a design example how to measure the period of a external signal and insert it to the first 8 Bytes of a frame.