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    Hello Lily,

    I'm very sorry. I didn't noticed that this thread got marked as resolved.

    Thinking back to your problem with the recursive function. The right choice ot simulate your code line by line might depend on the aquisition method. I assumed you're using a line scan camera so in the runtime everything will work with one line after another. By aquiring the complete image at once it may require to split all lines.

    When you use different images and you want to take one line of this frame, then it can be realised with an line selector.

    I'm just a beginner myself an work with Visual Applets sometimes, so i apologise that i can't provide more help so far.

    The second Question. I recommend to open a new thread so someone with more expearience will see the post. So far i haven't worked with the va Blop Analysis yet.

    Greetings Robert.

    Hello Lily,

    oh i got it. Sure SplitImage uses the complete input image to guide line by line further. When the simulation is started all lines got simulatet before stoping so its not neccessary to start different cycles.

    In Reference to the design in the first post it's possible to simulate all ines at once and watch in the probes what happend from line to line.

    If you want to use diffrent Input images and select lines from the diffrent inputs or selct some lines from an example image then im afraid this operator alone wont work.

    I'm afraid i don't really know how to stop and start the simulation for every line. A workaround might be to insert Lines as sources instead of a complete image.

    Meybe the SiSo support can provide a good hint.

    Greetings Robert.

    Hello Lily,

    i hope this may help you.

    Try to use the operator "SplitImage" and limit the image height to one Line. The Format Valt_1D or Valt 2D is free to choose after this operator.

    For the little example i atteched the result will be all lines one by one.

    Greetings Robert.


    Hello Lily,

    i'm not an Expert but i might see a little mistake so far.

    The sync operator waits for an image on both inputs. While the sync waits there will be no image at the Tx image link. Also no image at the Rx image link. So the Sync will wat forever. Deadlock.

    Try to add a first dummy image/pixel parallel to the Rx image link operator. So the sync will recieve an input for the first iteration and from the second on the Rx Link provides the next.

    i attach an example i used for something similar.

    Greetings Robert.