Quad what? (or selecting the correct camera operator for CXP..)

  • Hi there,

    if I load a standard "Quad Applet" in microDisplay like "Acq_QuadCXP6x1..." I will get a configuration with four cameras (1 link each). It took ages for me to learn that Quad means the amount of cameras and x1 stand for the amount of lanes.

    However, if I use the CXPQuadCamera operator in VA I will get a configuration with one camera (four links). :P

    This is really really really confusing and I think I might have planned my current project with the wrong camera operator. In this case it will not effect the parallelism I hope but it might, correct? What is the logic behind this? Is this some kind of free of charge brain jogging? ?(

    You are correct if your answer is RTFM ( ;) ) but as I said, I thought I knew what I was doing ^^.