Question:How to set recursive algothm?

  • Dear Lily,

    Thank you for your interesting request.

    You mentioned "we can get them" concerning some of the details.

    If that does mean that you already have some VA sources for this, can you please attach these to the thread here?

    That would help me adding the requested details to an existing VA design.

    If you need Maxn for each Pixel n per line, you can use ColMax operator.

    You can build a loop for this on the basis of TxImageLink and RxImageLink and use ReSyncToLine to get the result of the previous line processed for comparison.

  • Dear Lily_Li,

    thank you for your request. Is the intention of your algorithm some kind of brightness adaption of image (e.g, similar to historgram normalization)?

    May you describe the intention of your algorithm?

    Thank you!

  • Dear Lily,

    as I talked with you, you formula shall like this:

    OPn=(2Maxn -Pn)*OPn- 1/2Maxn + 255 * Pn/2Maxn

    OPn+1 = (2Maxn+1 -Pn+1)*OPn/2Maxn+1 + 255 * Pn+1/2Maxn+1

    OPn+2 = (2Maxn+2 -Pn+2)*OPn+1/2Maxn+2 + 255 * Pn+2/2Maxn+2


    Isn't it?