Cannot build workling applet to use CXPQuadCamera at low speed with MA-VCX-QP

  • I have a 5120x5120@80fps Mono8 camera.
    With the standard Acq_SingleCXP6x4AreaGray, I can run it without overflow at ~65fps, which is coherent with the MA-VCX-QP bandwidth.
    But if I try to build the simplest Visual Applet, even if simulation and compilation are OK, I only get less that 1fps of corrupted output.

    Is there a specific trick to handle the fact that the MA-VCX-QP won't output more than 8b@16x, while the camera has a minimum parallelism of 20x ?

    Link to the applet CXP-Mono8-5120x5120.VA


    In the above example, pixels are split between 2x4 bits, and an ImageFiFo has been added before the ParallelDn.

    According to the sample code of such an applet, they are not necessary, but I tried, since I have no clue yet.

  • Dear Pierre,

    Please only instanciate the Input TriggerI of the CXP camera (link to documentation) for triggering the camera.

    If you want to select in between of two signals as trigger please use the Select operator (link to documentation).

    You can use the other inputs in order to send pulses to the camera, but the intended input for exposure triggers is TriggerI.

    Please make sure that the pulse length of these signals is ok for the camera. in case of too short pulses the camera may not react.

    Björn Rudde
    Field Application Engineer
    - Basler AG

  • Dear Pierre,

    In case you want to build for a mE5-MA-VCX-QP than you have to think of the different memory model of the marathon platform.

    The ironman platfrom is not using shared memory.

    Use the following example that is part of the VA installation:


    or here the version included in VA 3.1.1 for direct download:

    The chapter in the VA documentation for shared memory.

    For a detailed discussion on other side effect of this please look into this different thread.

    Björn Rudde
    Field Application Engineer
    - Basler AG

  • I definitely have the same problems as in this thread : Bandwidth statistics not available

    I have here a design that should work easily, even with shared memory. I am currently building a dozen different designs to show you that I can never achieve a correct performance as soon as I add a CoefficientBuffer.
    I will post screen capture of all the different tries on monday.
    I hope there will be a solution.

    I think you can close this thread, a similar problem is now reported in MA-VCX-QP performance problem when using CoefficientBuffer

  • B.Ru

    Closed the thread.