Delay Train of pulses

  • Dear All,

    I need a sample VA program to delay a train of pulses using "Signal Delay" operator in "Multiple pulse" mode. I tried it, but it is not working as expected. So it would be good if some one can share a sample VA that works in following condition:

    Input pulse frequency --> 4 Hz

    Pulse delay - 10 seconds or in encoder pulses

    Board preferred --> me4 VD4 or VQ4

    Sample program attached for VQ4 --> Check in Process0/Trigger_Manipulator_Color/Delay



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  • Dear Arjun,

    Thank you for your question.

    The following design approach detects a signal at the external input and translates its rising edge into a single pulse.

    This single pulse is getting delayed in steps of one millisecond.

    Afterwards a new and fix duration is applied to it.

    In case of using the SignalDelay operator to directly applying the 10s delay it will use more than 11000% of the required FPGAs BlockRAM. By using a much lower clock at the input of SignalDelay it is possible with a minimum of ressources.


    VA Design as shown above:

    You can easily copy it to any VA platform.

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