Parameter Operators | Translating FG_HEIGHT / FG_WIDTH

  • Hi,

    I have a short question regarding the parameter operators. I am currently sorting all the parameters from my applet into a parameter group. The user shall only use those parameter operators to set up his applet.

    Unfotunately I could not figure out how to connect FG_HEIGHT and FG_WIDTH to my corresponding IntParamTranslators. Is this even possible?

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  • FG_HEIGHT and FG_WIDTH are related to the target memory buffer size in software.

    These values are independent of the DMA transfer itself and only interesting for software like microDisplay.

    FG_HEIGHT * FG_WIDTH * bytes per pixel define the maximum amount of data that can be transferred into a ring-buffer element.

    In real world applications these details are handled on the basis of meta lines or other sources for additional details.

    In V-series projects many different approaches exist.

    So FG_HEIGHT and FG_WIDTH are handled purely by software and should not get related to hardware.

    But to make a useful add-on for a user you can calculate the required values for FG_WIDTH and FG_HEIGHT on the basis of parameter translations in VA and write these as intended values next to FG_WIDTH and FG_HEIGHT...

  • Hi Björn and Johannes,

    many thanks for the fast answer. I can understand Björns input but I can also see the user side. Connecting parameters is a selling point of those operators :-). However, I think I have found a workaround, so I consider this topic as "closed".

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  • Hi Björn,

    actually the quick solution was to position the DMATransfer-Operator in the same HBox as the other Height / Width Parameter. This way both configurations are at least relatively near together. However, I would be glad if I could improve this in the future.