CoefficientBuffer file path resolving

  • Hello,

    I do not understand how to use the CoefficientBuffer properly to allow the applet user to dynamically load *any* file at run-time. It seems to me that:

    -a hard-coded path must be set as CoefficientFile0 and/or CoefficientFile1 before compiling the applet

    -the applet will only load those path when used in MicroDisplay RT (after the applet being flashed on the board of course)

    -changing the CoefficientFile0 and CoefficientFile1 path values through MicroDisplay does nothing, the framegrabber still uses the original hard-coded path

    Is there anything special to allow dynamically reloading coefficient files in a compiled applet ?

  • It seems that I misunderstood the use of LoadCoefficients. It must be set to 0 then to 1 to trigger loading. The doc is not clear on this point.

    Hi Pierre

    are you using any version of microDisplay? In fact you simply need to rewrite a value 1 to LoadCoefficients. My doubt is that the GUI of microDisplayX (the new microDisplay of runtime 5.7) does not rewrite the parameter if the value did not change.


    Johannes Trein
    Group Leader R&D
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  • Hi,
    Yes I am using Microdisplay.
    Here is the doc "This parameter is used to start loading of coefficient images into the buffer before the image acquisition starts. The loading is triggered by a write cycle of value one to this parameter. Writing value 0 does not cause the loading of the coefficient files."

    It is not clear that loading is triggered when changing the value from 0 to 1. I just thought that the parameter had to be 1 all the time, and that 0 had no meaning.

    Apart from that, case solved.