GenIcam parameter settings issue

  • Dear All,

    I am using VQ4-GE framegrabber for my image processing application with GV-5260 CP color camera. Now I have a problem with setting genicam parameters through C# SDK(Runtime v5.6.0). First I changed the 'Exposure time' in genicam settings using the c# application, it has changed and updated in genicam explorer. Then I tried to set the Gain values in analog control but I can't able to set it even though it showed as set in application still it doesn't change the value in genicam.

    result = SiSoCsRt.Gbe_setEnumerationValue(managerUsed.GBECamHandle[index], name, value);

    This is the particular code I used to set it.

    Please help with example application code to set enumeration values like these in genicam explorer!



  • Hai,

    I have already implemented the code in an c# application and I am aware of the syntax. But I was not able to set value using this function "Gbe_setEnumerationValue". So it would be better if you provide us with an working example c# application for setting and getting values in genicam through your SISO SDK.

    FYI, We have already sent a mail to your support but no response until now.



  • Hello,

    Please use the

    Sgc_* commands for configuring a CXP camera as shown in the screenshot above.

    The Gbe_* commands are intended for GEV (GigE-Vision).

    The Sgc_ C# Wrapper is explained in the runtime SDK:

    C# SDK Wrapper : siso_genicam

    The Gbe_ C# Wrapper is explained in the runtime SDK:

    C# SDK Wrapper : gbe

    Please be aware that several enumerators may be blocked due to a running acquisition.

    For some cameras parameters the acquisistion needs to be stopped, since these can not be modified during an active acquisition. That is camera XML related.