GenIcam Connection error

  • Hi All,

    I am using GV-5240CP-M-GL camera for my application using VQ4-GE framegrabber with the runtime v5.6.0. After connecting the camera , in Genicam application there are continous errors arising in the connection events. But still the camera is functioning and able to grab images. I have attached the screenshot of error here for your reference. Could you please spot the reason for the error and give me the solution?




  • Hi Jayasuriya,

    The attached screenshot is showing a certain register that can not be read as expected.

    Normally this kind of irritation is related to the camera's GenICam XML which defines the register addresses.

    In the screenshot two register adresses of the camera are read and do not show an expected result.

    As long as everything else is working as expected this does not seem to be critical, but should be investigated of course.

    Please contact our support team using:

    In the GenICam-Explorer (tab Connection) of our runtime it is possible to save the camera's GenICam XML to disc.

    You can open the XML in a text editor and search for the affected register address.

    In some cases this can give you a first indication what could cause the reportted irritation.

    If you attach the XML here I can support you with this.

  • Hi Jayasuriya,

    Thank you for the data.

    In the GenICam XML we can see these two values showing the affected registers:

    This is not a solution, but you can use this additional detail to communicate with the XML/camera manufacturer and our support. If you want you can even modify the XML by your own and check/load it in our GenICam explorer in order to check.

    0x800230c0 : Height_Value
    0x80023000 : ColorCorrectionMode