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  • dear all, attached here you ave a design where with a digital IO I can remove images.

    In this applet image is removed if:

    "The control whether an image is removed is made using the binary input link Rem. If the very first pixel of Rem is value 1, the image is removed. If the pixel is 0, the image is forwarded to the output."

    my task is to remove an image if any of the pixel of Rem input is 1.

    Basically i have a camera producing images , if during this image flow from Camera to PC DMA a digital output rising edge transition is detected the image has to be removed.

    Is this possible?

    I have no idea...

    many thanks




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  • Normally VA is handling an image as a stream and the data is transferred into the host-memory as soon as possible.

    Data that is transferred by the DMA to the host-memory already cannot be removed afterwards.

    But it is possible to make the image wait in a buffer:


    That would lead to a delay of the DMA transfer-start until no "KillerInput" was seen during receiveing the full camera image into the frame grabber.

    Please see the attached VA design for this.

    If this does NOT meet your demands:

    Another idea would be to sample the corresponding value and attach it to the end of the frame.

    That would enable the software to make the decision. Please let me know.

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