Sample image acquisition applet for Chromasens allPIXA pro 4k camera

  • Hi Jayasuriya,

    the format you describe is a 1x8 configuration. This means you only have 1 Zone and get 8 Pixel at the same time. The only difficulty here is that tehre is no RGB Camera operator for Full. But you may use the Gray operator instead and just sort the corresponding pixel according to your camera(R -> G -> B).

    I would do it in the following way:

  • As for the DMA, the design doesn't have the full Bandwidth, since the ParDn will slow it down a bit. But you could also handle the image data as gray to archiev the full Bandwidth.

    In this case the design wouldn't make any sence since than I could simply output the image directly just knowing that I have to reserve 3x as wide buffers.

    I hope that solves your issue!

    Best regards,