VisualApplets example for CameraLink SerTC and SerTFG

  • Hi Forum,

    Is there a Visual Applets example that demonstrates how to use the CameraLink serial interface (i.e. the SerTC and SerTFG signals)?

    I nee to send CL commands to the camera from VisualApplets.

    Thank you


  • Hi Mike,

    there are two different concepts to work with our Framegrabber.

    These are:

    1. Applet (lets take it as an extention to the firmware)

    2. Software SDK

    The first one acts as an extention to the basic functions of the hardware. The second one focus on using features that are either implemented in our firmware or by the user in an applet.

    As for the CL-Ser: That is an interface that is already avaiable in every CL-Framegrabber.

    Each CL device needs a bit different handling. That's why there is a standard defining how to manage this different devices. So you don't need to implement a version on the low level but can use an already existing interface.

    OK, that's for the theory.

    As for the "how". There is an example in your Runtime installation:


    You may look at this to get an idea how to handle serial comunication in CL.

    Did that answer your question?

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