Set Parameters from Applet-Internal Source

  • Hello,

    is it possible to set (dynamic) Parameters from another source within the applet?

    E.g. if I want to set the size or offset parameters of the ROI operator based on some calculations (either from a previous image or from an external input).


  • Dear dxs,

    thank your for your question. Yes, using VisualApplets with Expert license you have the possibility to use the Parameters library. With these functionalities you can set parameters based on dependendies on other parameters and calculations. (…visualapplets/#tab=expert). Examples how to use the operators of the Parameters library, you can find under "Examples\AdvancedVAFunctions\Parameters Library" in your VisualApplets installation directory.

  • Dear DXS,

    The approach mentioned by CarmenZ is completely correct, but this includes some software interaction.

    The SelectROI operator parameters (width, height, offset X/Y) can not changed within the FPGA without software interaction, but the DynamicROI enables this within the FPGA.

    For other requirements we have similar operators, some of them rely on sofwtare interaction concerning the parameters, others have dynamic inputs for control. So the quistion is what you woould like to modify exactly and I can mention the correct VA operators for it. Some have software parameters, other have control inputs and get direct input via streams of data.

    Best regards,