Rotate the picture

  • Now I use microEnable 5 marathon VCL to capture pictures (base mode, line scan mode, 8K width). This picture is very large, exceeding 512MB. This object has some rotation (the rotation angle is 10 degrees smaller). I now need to rotate it The object is squared on the picture. How to realize this function on VA. The main problem is that the picture is too big, and the DDR cache cannot hold such a big picture.


  • Dear pangfengjiang,

    if the image you are grabbing is already too large for the memory, you will not be able to avoid a larger grabber.

    Have you already looked at the examples under "GeometricTransformation"? This describes the geometric transformations, including rotation.

    You should find an example in: C:\Program Files\Basler\VisualApplets_3.3\Examples\Processing\Geometry\GeometricTransformation

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  • Dear pangfengjiang,

    Sorry for the delayed reply, due to the holidays many people are on vacation.

    Like MatthiasR already suggested you can check the examples in the given link. I think the examples "" shows you how to rotate an image. If you already know the angle and the center of gravity you can check the HBox "CoordinateTransformation" within the HBox "GeometicTransformation".

    However, since the image is that large it cannot fit into RAM. Maybe duplicate the rotating part and split up the image into two parts by using every even/uneven pixel-index.

    Feel free to contact our sales team for a custom solution.

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