Coprocessor Feature

  • Hi Sir,

    I have gone through with the example applets provided in Visual applets installation directory and found an example in the path "C:\Program Files\SiliconSoftware\VisualApplets_3.2\Examples\Processing\CoProcessor\CoprocessorMedian" and the particular operator 'DMA From PC' has used in it. I Like to use the same feature in Marathon VCL framegrabber and noticed that the mentioned operator is only available for either VD1/VD4 framegrabbers. I wonder why it is not available for latest framegrabbers. Is there any alternative available? Can you please reply on this?




  • Hello JSuriya,

    The DMAFromPC operator does only exist for "pretty old" VD1 frame grabbers.

    mE5 marathon/ironman is not supporting this operator for co-processor functionality.

    While the DMA approach could potentially support GB/s in the downstream (Host-PC-Memory to Grabber) there is a non DMA way to upload images with around 10 MB/s using an alternative register interface instead of DMA.
    What data-rates do you expect for your application?
    I know that 10 MB/s is pretty limited.

    Best regards,