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  • dear all, a simple exercise from documentation where I’m using SourceSelector operator (see attached example) is not working and I have stream from camera 0 or timeout if i select camera 1..

    where I’m wrong since this simple example is also present as example in VA documentation?





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  • Dear Pier,

    let me summarize the problem you observe:

    You have tested the design in hardware. With camera 0 you can acquire, but with camera 1 you get no image, but a timeout. Is this correct? What happens if you exchange the cameras physically? Does the camera , which originally did not acquire images, work now?

  • dear Carmen,

    you are correct and if I physically switch cameras I have in any case if SourceSelector is 0 I can see streaming from channel 0 and

    I have a timeout if selector is 1

    Basically it's like if from MicroDisplay I can start streaming only for camera connected to channel 0

    At this point if selector is on 0 I have images from camera 0

    If selector is on 1 camera 0 is streaming but I’m waiting a stream form camera 1..



  • dear Bjorn,

    this is also my doubt, from Microdisplay interface I always start camera 0, see attached image

    Applet sat Port AB (index 0 and 1) but the visible camera is the first one Nano M2020

    Independently from selector position when I start acquisition I always and only start camera 0

    Now the question is

    How to start stream on both cameras, from GenICam Explorer seems I can not

    Attached XML of one of the 2 cameras :)



  • Dear Pier,

    Please use the newer MicroDisplayX tool of the most current runtime version.
    This version enables a more detailed synchronization:
    Within this new tool you can start cameras and DMAs independently.

    So you can start the camera streams first and then the corresponding DMA.

    The runtme SDK/API already enables independent start and stop of camera streams and DMAs.

    Does this help in your case?

    Best regards,