About tap geometry sorting for line scan camera

  • Hi,

    I'm designing a applet to use the line scan camera(AviiVA EM4).

    - Camera: AViiVA EM4 CL Line Scan Camera (4tap, 8bit)

    - Frame Grabber: microEnable5 VCL

    - Image Size: 4096x768

    ** Tap structure for camera

    AViiVA EM4_Tap structure.JPG

    If the tap geometry for camera is 2X2E, please check whether the Applet I designed is properly designed.

    In addition, can you provide an image acquisition applet for line scan camera using 2X2E tab geometry?


  • Hello InShin

    The VisualApplets examples covers designs for Tap Geometry Sorting. See https://docs.baslerweb.com/vis…20Geometry%20Sorting.html

    However, there is no example for 2X2E. Therefore, I made a quick update of the 2XE design to 2X2E. At this moment I do not have a RAW image to verify the correct function but I think it can be a good starter for you to check if it is working for your. Use the simulation for verification. Just record a RAW image with microDisplayX and load it to the simulation source.

    See attached.

    Your design looks good as well, but uses a parallel down to 1 in between. This will cause a reduction to a mean and peak bandwidth of e.g. 125MPixel/s.



    Johannes Trein
    Group Leader R&D
    frame grabber

    Basler AG

  • Hi Johannes,

    Thank you for your support.

    I simulated the attached applet as a raw image and it works fine.


    Best regards.