about tap Geometry sorting for medium camera Link (14bit)

  • Hello,

    I have a question about tap geometry.

    Target H/W : microEnable 5 VCL

    Camera Link : Medium 80MHz

    Digital Output : 14bit

    Image Size : 3072 x 1944

    I think that the correct tap geometry is 2XM-1Y.

    Camera -> ? -> tap geometry(2XM-1Y) - >DMA

    1. Camera operator : Full or Medium

    2. ? : input bit to 14bit change (because the Medium camera operator does not support 2tap 14bit)

    Can I get support for this case ?



  • Sangrae_Kim

    Changed the title of the thread from “about tap Geometry sorting for 14bit” to “about tap Geometry sorting for medium camera Link (14bit)”.
  • Dear Sangrae_Kim,

    You would like to use a CameraLink camera in CL Medium or Full Mode.
    Since CL Medium and CL Full camera operators do not support 14 bit directly, it is required to acquire 6x8bit (Medium) or 8x8bit (Full) or 10x8bit (Deca, Full 10tap) and assemble 14 bit data based on 8bit details.

    The sensor tag geometry is based on a line based re-arrangement and can get solved by BlockRAM.

    So the following steps are required:

    • Decide on the CL Mode : Medium/Full/Deca
    • Based on that assembly of 14bit per pixel based on 8bit details per tap is required
    • Then the sensor tap geometry needs to get implemented

    As soon as you have decided which CL Mode is the preferred choice, please post an acquired image of that mode (8bit applet) here. That image will look really strange due to 8 bit and no sensor tap geometry re-sorting. Please be aware that the resolution will be different within 8 bit when acquiring 14 bit mode from camera.

    Based on that image and the precise description from the camera's manual we can go the next step.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,