How do you integrate VisualApplets with OpenCV ?

  • Hi Mike

    welcome to the forum and thank you for the question. Others might have this question, too. I don't have my own example right now but let me share the example of a collegue. Maybe he can add some more information.



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  • Thank you for providing the OpenCV code. I am using the C# wrapper and am having trouble converting the SisoImage data type into a Mat or a Bitmap Image type.

    C++ Code: (your code works)

    char* dataBuffer = (char*)Fg_getImagePtrEx(fg,lastPicNr,0,pMem0); //getBufferOfPhoto();

    Mat any_img(Size(width, height), CV_8UC1, dataBuffer, Mat::AUTO_STEP);

    imshow( "Display window raw", any_img );

    C# Code: (my code which does not work)

    SisoImage sisoImage = SiSoCsRt.Fg_getImagePtrEx( data.fg, (int)( imgNr ), data.port, data.mem);

    IntPtr dataBuffer = sisoImage.asPtr();

    Image<Gray, Byte> imgToDisplay = new Image<Gray, Byte>( 512, 2048 );

    imgToDisplay.Ptr = dataBuffer;

    CvInvoke.imshow( "Display window raw", imgToDisplay);

    I also tried this to get a Bitmap but this also did not work as it is not able to convert the SisoImage type:

    Image img = (Bitmap)(new ImageConverter()).ConvertFrom(dataBuffer);

    Also, the SisoCsRt.DrawBuffer() is able to write images to the created display (i.e. SisoCsRt.CreateDisplay() ) but is it possible to draw directly to a panel object on a Form?

  • You are correct. I am using the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and was able to convert it to a MIL_ID format as well using this command:

    MIL.MbufPut( data.displayimg, sisoImage.toByteArray( DEFAULT_IMAGE_SIZE_X * DEFAULT_IMAGE_SIZE_Y ) );