Bayer color camera

  • Hello,

    1)I want to capture images by Basler's Bayer color camera, then I want to use the collected multiple images for image fusion processing, and finally output RGB images.

    Camera:Basler acA2000-340kc Camera Link (…ameras/ace/aca2000-340kc/)

    Acquisition card:mE5 marathon VCL

    2)I want to know where can I find the visual applet file of Acq_SingleFullAreaBayer.dll file? Or can you provide it to me?

    With this file, I can get color images by Basler camera. Maybe I can follow this example to collect and process images.

    Thank you very much!

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  • Dear Danna,

    thank you for your question.

    Please find under "...\Examples\Processing\Color\bayer" in your VisualApplets installation directory multiple examples for Bayer demosaicing. Under…ent/bayer%20Overview.html you can find a detailed description for these examples.

    Under "...\Examples\Processing\..." in you VisualApplets installation directory there are more image processing examples which might be of interest for you: E.g. examples for image composition ("..\Examples\Processing\HDR_ImageComposition") . Under "..Examples\Acquisition\BasicAcquisition\..." you can find examples for basic image acquisition designs.