GigE area scan camera and image sequence

  • dear all, probably my task is very easy but i can not find a solution...

    i have a free run area camera, all frames are discarted, once i receive a rising edge at one input of ME4 GigE i want to acquire a defined numbers of frames, after this all frames dscarted waiting next rising edge

    Probably simple but i try diferent solutions and always find problems...

    can you help me ?



  • Dear Pier,

    I would suggest to use the "SignalGate" operator.

    For the "Gate" input I would use a "RS-FlipFlop", which is Set/Reset by your GPIOs,

    Best regards


    Edit: For a defined number of Frames, use a "PulseCounter" and count it via "FrameStartToSignal"

  • Hi Pier,

    there is a very simple solution to do this. Use TrgBoxLine and control the sequence length instead of the image height. To do so you need to append all camera lines into a single very long line and convert to 1D. Now TrgBoxLine can select the desired lines i.e. frames. Convert back to 2D and the image width.

    See attached.

    There exist much smoother options but this is simplest and easiest to use.


  • dear Johannes, i had teh same idea to use it but i was not able to play between line and frames.

    Unfortunatelly your solution too has problem, i can not compile since there are problems with infinite source


  • Hi Pier

    I added a Dummy FIFO with InfiniteSource = Enable to the design. See attached.

    Using SplitLine will create "End Of Line" markers which need to be inserted in the stream. As cameras cannot be stopped DRC will throw an error. However, our AppendLine operator will exactly remove this markers and generate a gap. So we need a dummy FIFO to trick the DRC.