About Tap Geometry Sorting for 10X

  • Hello,

    I am testing ELIIXA+ 8k Line scan camera on me5 VCL.

    This camera need to tap sorting for 8X(8tap) and 10X(10tap).

    (8tap) 8X-> width = 8192

    (10tap) 10X-> width = 8190

    The 8X mode can tap sorting with basic example ( TapSorting_8X_1Y.va).

    but 10X mode can not tap sorting with basic example ( TapSorting_10x_1Y.va)

    The default image size(width 1040) is ok .

    but the other image size(8192) was problem.

    So I tested it by reducing the width to 8160 to test without dummy pixels in the Resort Box (ToPar80).
    If the ShiftRight(10) -> the output image have a some problem.

    If the other operator use instead of ShiftRight -> the output image is ok. (attached TapSorting_10X_1Y_8160.va)

    I am not sure that this is right or not.


    I attached raw image and Result image and VA.design files

    the raw & result image made by with Acq_SingleFullLineGray.

    For the information.

    The max width is 8190 in 10tap.

    The microDisplay can get 8192 pixels after 10X tapsorting(10x_Result_8192.bmp)

    the last 2 columns are dummy pixels.

    I can not get result image with 8192 pixels in our design file.

    -> TapSorting_10X_1Y_8192.va)

    please advise to me.


  • Dear Sangrae Kim,

    Thank you for this interesting issue.

    I looked into it and found a (hpoefully) nice fix to it.

    I can not get result image with 8192 pixels in our design file.

    -> TapSorting_10X_1Y_8192.va)

    I re-designed the addressing and added a dummy remove procedure using "cheap" operators.

    I removed the "expensive" DIV.

    This is how the dummy removement works:


    At the end of this the change to parallelism 8 makes it 8192 pixels per row.

    The mismatch between taps = 10 and paralleism 8 transporting only 8190 (mod 10) pixels was causing the 9 unwanted dummy splitters in between of the 10 taps.

    Please use the simulation to review the attached VA design (Modification B. Rudde):


    Please let me know, if this solved your issue.

    Best regards,