Using a Teledyne Dalsa Genie Nano with Triangulation Firmware

  • Dear all,

    Genie Nano cameras from TeledyneDalsa have special FW for laser tiangulation

    Basically inside camera FPGA some calculation are done and camera output for every image column is a 64bit pixel.

    on page 3 of attached document you have the description of this pixel.

    Basically to obtain the peak position i have to divide Weighted Column Sum[47-16] by Pixel Sum[63-48]

    this will output a 16 bit value basically a line showing object profile in 16bit that i want to output as

    line profile or better a sequence of n lines that will be my disparity image

    My problem is to acquire this 64 bit per picel line ...

    any ideas


  • Dear Pier,

    could you please post an image with example raw data of that camera's output?
    I've read the document, but couldn't find the specification how the data is packed (and transfered).

    Do you know what pixel data format is used?

    What ROI dimensions do you use for the triangulation?

    Best regards


  • Hi Pier

    as Simon wrote the bit position depends on the data packing. But assuming a byte per byte order you simply need to acquire using an 8 bit mono format und use CastParallel so that you get a 46 bit link.

    I would suggest to use a AcquisitionApplets 8 bit Gray and set the ROI width and height so that you can see the triangulation data. Check the first eight byte to get an idea where your data is located.


    Johannes Trein
    Group Leader R&D
    frame grabber

    Basler AG

  • dear Johannes and Simon,

    attached here you have images acquired from camera using Gray8 applet

    SiliconArea is the image acquired with camera in areascan mode.

    SiliconLine is the same image acquired with camera in 3D linescan mode.

    Sanzio.Va is my implementation

    it's correct but probably too much resource consuming...

    Any optimization idea?

    This can be interesting also for other customer using TDalsa genie Nano in LaserTriangulation configuration.

    From CPU is almost impossible to do this calculations..



  • Dear Pier,

    thank you for the data.

    I did an alternative approach for you. It's a little bit cheaper and not that error prone.

    I cross checked with the simulation values of your design.

    Best regards


  • Johannes Trein

    Changed the title of the thread from “linescan 64 bit x pixel” to “Using a Teledyne Dalsa Genie Nano with Triangulation Firmware”.