Delaying Images from Linescan camera

  • Hi All,

    I am using Marathon VCL frame grabber with Silicon software run time v5.6.1 installed on PC and a 4K color Linescan camera with 13k line rate. I made a sample applet in which two signals are generated in SISO one for image trigger and the other acting like an encoder signal to grab the images. Here I need to delay or hold certain number of images in buffer then send to PC for synchronization purpose. For that a set of delay operators are used in sequence to delay images without loss. But whenever I set a delay value even with a single frame of delay , the buffer gets overflowed and this scenario is mostly encountered in Marathon frame grabbers because the same logic had been implemented on both VD4 & VQ4 cards but it worked there. Can anyone help with this problem? Please refer the attached applet below:

  • Dear JSuriya,

    Please have a look at the code below as changed in H-Box Buffer.

    In detail the parallelism (x4 : x32 : x4) around the ImageBuffer is modified now.
    Since the mE5 VCL is using a shared memory approach you should use as high paralleism around it as possible.

    Here…t/Memory.ImageBuffer.html you can see some more details in the available memory formulas on it.

    This will enable you to use more memory and potentially more bandwidth.


    Here you can find the modified design:

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