Compatibility of CLHS cameras with Marathon HS Frame grabbers

  • Hi Arjun,

    I am sorry, but I do not exactly know if these kind of cameras are supported.

    Since this is not directly a VA related question, please ask our support team.

    Here you have a list of our support channels:

    Björn Rudde
    Field Application Engineer

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  • Hi Arjun,

    the first camera you linked is a GiGE Camera. Therefor the CLHS Framegrabber wont support it.

    The second camera can be supported, but has restrictions. These restrictions are:

    1. not the full link speed - The camera uses full CLHS bandwidth, but the card only supports PCIe Gen 2 x4 and is therefor too slow to transmit all data

    2. The camera uses spaceial correction in a way that is hard to be implemented in Visual Applets. I would not recomment doing this if you are not an expert user.

    3. Older firmwares didn't comply to the CLHS standard fully. Therefor we had to take some assumtions in our custom applet on the structure of CLHS packages. I was told the current firmware was corrected so that this could be made more elegant

    So, let me sum it up: Yes we have develooped an Applet to get the second camera to work with our framegrabber, but it has stricked limitations, that's why we wont release it to the broad public. You may use the camera, but wont be easy ot of the box.

    Best regards,

    Björn Röger