Replacing HALCON operator

  • Dear Application team,

    I'd like to ask you possibility of replacement Halcon operator fit_surface_first_order by VisualApplets operators.…_surface_first_order.html

    Our customer inspect cable by Halcon but CPU load is very high. Inspection algorithm is very good for FPGA processing. But at before inspection, they need to process this halcon operator because lighting angle. One side of image is little bit bright compare than the other side. Problem is only this processing.

    Currently, I don't need example but I'd like to know your opinion about possibilities. Potential is not small.

    Do you think is it possible to make same feature by VisualApplets?

    If you have other any idea, it will help me.

    Best Regards,

    Ryo Saito

  • Dear Saito-san,

    thank you for your question.

    I had a look on the description of Halcon function "fit_surface_first_order" (…_surface_first_order.html ) : This function approximates a first order surface plane to a gray value object in minimizing the distance between gray values and plane. Also the gray value moments are calculated.

    I think such functionality can be implemented in VisualApplets using loop functionality and a geoemetric scaling function within this loop to approximate a plane to an object.

    Under (…n/moments_gray_plane.html.) I found a similar Halcon function : "moments_gray_plane". It also calculates the gray value image moments and approximates a plane. Only method for plane claculation is different. As it seems from description it maybe possible to implement in Visual Applets without loop functionality. Is this method also of interest for the customer?

  • Dear Carmen-san,

    thank you very much for your swift answer.

    Yes, another solution is more better because we might be faced resource problem. Currently, this possibility information is enough for me. I will discuss more deeply with customer. Thank you.