Best recommended CPU spec for running VA/Xilinx

  • Hello,

    I would like to know the best CPU spec to run VA3 (along with Vivado in background) and get the designs compiled faster.

    1. Will it make any difference if we use intel or amd processor?

    2. Minimum number of CPU cores required?

    3. Minimum processor speed?



  • Hi Arjun

    Xilinx shows some system recommendations on their web pages like in…-tools/vivado/memory.html

    For mE5 marathon FPGAs Xilinx states that a maximum of 3GB RAM is used. For the future frame grabbers which are currently in development XILINX states a peak memory usage of 14GB.

    Xilinx does not recommend any specific CPU and speed. The build process for recent FPGA uses all cores.

    For VisualApplets you can use any recent standard PC. Simulation can be speed up with fast SSDs and a fast CPU. Multi cores are barely used in VisualApplets.


    Johannes Trein
    Teamleader Applications and Development
    SiliconSoftware GmbH

  • Dear ArjunLucid,

    Just as an idea:

    You can script the VA synthesis and make a secondary PC a synthesis machine if you need to.

    Please be aware that you need a second VA dongle in that case.

    Björn Rudde
    Field Application Engineer
    - Basler AG